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All stores that appears on our site are tested anonymously by our team. You can also review stores, or read reviews left by other users in our list of stores. We take pride in the safety and quality of service on stores that we reference. Some stores are not on our comparison list because they do not offer enough safety, or they have bad support, or even sometimes they have huge delay of delivery. This is unacceptable and these stores are simply not up to the standard quality we request for our users. Beware of some sites that make strange deals or fabulous prizes.
It’s very simple, once purchased you will receive your key in the email you provided when you purchased your game. Just turn the key on the platform that hosts the game (usually Steam, Origin, Uplay, or on the publisher’s website).
Stores that offer these games have no operating contract with publishers, allowing them to have no minimum cap on the price. Most games do not have physical boxes so they do not require transport neither packaging therefore this reduce the price even more. Games sold digitally are not subject to the same VAT system as physical ones therefore are much cheaper.Stores that sell these games have lower operating costs than for example Steam or Origin, that allows them to reduce their margins to make product prices much more attractive.
Gamescompare provides the best online sellers the internet has to offer, for users to check all the best prices to buy games at the cheapest price possible. Our goal is to feature legit and trustworthy online stores that you can buy your games (PC,PS4,Xbox etc.) To be able to check the best shops to buy a specific game with the best and cheapest price
Our price-comparison tool can’t reference all the cd-key online retailers. Furthermore, we strive to ensure the quality and the seriousness of our partners. It is nearly impossible to keep tabs on ALL the the online shops available on Internet, therefore, we would not be able to guarantee our users a safe and reliable offer. Thus, beware of overly attractive offers and do not hesitate to contact us for any question on these matters. Most of the websites providing the same service as us are not managed by players and therefore attach little to no importance to the service quality of their partners.
First, you need to check your mail inbox, and especially the “Spam” folder. If you placed your order during the night, it is possible that you may have to wait a bit longer than expected, this is quite usual. It is important to note that some retailers have delivery delays that are up to 24 hours, so do not panic if it’s your first purchase through our website. However, if you still have not received your product, be aware that the retailers have a customer support that can be reached via e-mail or through a dedicated interface on their website, such as “live chats”. Finally, if none of these solutions are successful, rest assured as Gamescompare is willing to help (however, we cannot provide any guaranteed result).
Gamescompare provides immediate assistance to our users who experienced an invalid key, used key and non working key on their purchase. Disclaimer: Since we are a price comparison site we do not sell games. We only feature sellers/websites that sells the games on the internet Therefore we will not be the one to change or issue a refund on your purchase, but we will help you as much as possible and take your issue as if it was our own. Here are the things you can do in order to resolve the issue. 1. Contact their Support Page -The first thing you must do if ever you have encountered an issue with your purchase is to contact the sellers support page.