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13 Jul Cyberpunk 2077 will let you fight most people, but not kids or story NPCs
Hatseflatsh 0 1373
Cyberpunk 2077's Night City is full of people for you to beat up, including gang members, cops and corporate douchebags—there are limits, though, so you won't be brawling with everyone. Children, for instance, will be protected from your murderous rages, along with story-important NPCs. CDPR confirmed that this is the case in an email, telling me t..
08 Jun Battlefield 5 Now Available On Origin Access Basic, Just Before E3 2019
Hatseflatsh 0 1095
Ahead of E3 2019, EA has made Battlefield 5 available through its Origin Access Basic subscription. That means you can play the 2018 shooter for the $5 per month subscription fee, or just take part in the 7-day free trial to get a taste of it.This is an unusually recent game to be added to the free library, only nearly matched by Madden NFL 19. B..
07 Jun New Free PC Game Available Now From Epic
Hatseflatsh 0 1012
The Epic Mega Sale kicked off a few weeks ago with some great discounts on PC games, and it's also been giving away a free game on a weekly basis. The latest freebie is available now: Kingdom: New Lands, which builds on the story and gameplay of 2015's Kingdom. Kingdom: New Lands is selling for $15 elsewhere, but you can claim it at no cost from no..
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