The Epic Mega Sale kicked off a few weeks ago with some great discounts on PC games, and it's also been giving away a free game on a weekly basis. The latest freebie is available now: Kingdom: New Lands, which builds on the story and gameplay of 2015's Kingdom. Kingdom: New Lands is selling for $15 elsewhere, but you can claim it at no cost from now until June 13, which is also the last day for the Epic Mega Sale. You'll just need a free Epic account to claim the game.

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Kingdom: New Lands released in 2016 as a new, updated version of Kingdom with added content and various gameplay improvements. The game is a kingdom-building simulator where you control a monarch who must build up their kingdom across six unique islands, traveling via boat or various mounts. The screen is two-dimensional, and you can only move the monarch left or right, gathering coins and resources as you go. Exploration is key, but the further you move away from your central kingdom, the more dangerous the environments become.

Starting June 13, Kingdom: New Lands will be replaced by Epic's next free game, Enter the Gungeon. At that point, Epic will resume giving away free titles every two weeks, rather than every week, as it's done during the Mega Sale. So go ahead and grab Kingdom: New Lands while it's available; once it's added to your account, it'll be yours to keep.