The Division 2's Title Update 9.1 has been deferred, after Ubisoft recently wanted to fix the game on May 12 after some support personal time. 

Ubisoft disclosed that it needs to do extra testing on the fixes and changes that Title Update 9.1 will present, which has pushed its organization back. The post reporting the postpone makes reference to that the arrangement is still to have the update prepared during the current week, yet that a firm date can't be affirmed. 

Title Update 9.1 was basically intended to change parameters around foe precision and forcefulness, making exceptional notice of projectile issues that were the aftereffect of erroneous exactness parameters that NPCs worked with. Ubisoft likewise noticed that it needs to quantify the impact of the fix on the Warhound Convoy XP abuse, which the studio says will feel less like a bug with their presented changes. 

The Division 2 is additionally encountering progressing network issues, which Ubisoft knows about. The studio has referenced already that it is uncertain what the basic reason is, and that a date for an extensive fix isn't affirmed at this point. 

The Division 2 is proceeding to get substance and adjusting refreshes following its dispatch in 2019. At the time we were dazzled with the game's enhancements and gunplay, with pundit Edmond Tran writing in our 8/10 Division 2 audit, "The assaulted situations proceed to interest, and now and then they're so staggering I end up expecting to take screen captures before I proceed onward. It probably won't have a lot to state, yet The Division 2 is an unending pattern of pressure, help, and prize that is hard to avoid."