We currently think about the crude specs of both up and coming cutting edge comforts and on paper Microsoft appears to have the PlayStation support beat. Nonetheless, thunderings have pervaded through the web that proficiency, advancement ease and a quicker SSD may make the crude spec hole insignificant. 

That was the case at any rate in a currently withdrawn remark by a Crytek engineer. The rendering engineer answered to a Twitter devotee who got some information about how the two consoles looked at. Ali Salehi addressed that the PlayStation 5 "is the least demanding console they have ever coded on to arrive at its pinnacle execution" and included that the PS5 "is incredibly basic and has such a significant number of capacities that make the devs so free." The collaboration finished up with Salehi guaranteeing, "As a developer I state PS5 is vastly improved and I don't figure you can discover a software engineer that could name one bit of leeway that XSX has over PS5." 

Nonetheless, it merits referencing that the Crytek engineer has since strolled back his remarks. 

In a 2 hour long YouTube live stream, Bill said this when gotten some information about the intensity of PS5 versus Xbox One:

“I think what you saw [with the PS5 reveal] was the unfortunate by-product of a GDC talk being turned into a marketing event. I loved Sony’s talk, I think they’ve got some cool tech. I personally think we have a better console, we’re not worried about the power narrative.”

And there you have it. There’s plenty of interesting topics discussed in the RDX podcast so I recommend any Xbox fans give it a listen for more tidbits of information.