The highly-anticipated new Doom Eternal is rapidly nearing its November release date, and Bethesda has released a brand-new gameplay trailer for it. This time, it’s all about Battlemode. Doom Eternal’s inventive and unique multiplayer mode. Watch the trailer in action here!

There’s no denying that expectations are sky-high for Bethesda’s follow-up to 2016’s excellent reboot of the series, which had somewhat become totally lost in the modern era. Doom 2016 reinvigorated the stagnant series by going back to its roots. No more slow-placed horror like in Doom 3. Instead, we got brutally satisfying full-frontal action.

Everything we have seen and learned so far about the direct sequel to it is instilling us with confidence that id Software is building upon that solid foundation. After all, Doom 2016 was an experiment. In an age where realism in shooters is marketed as the best thing, the folks at id went the exact opposite direction, with a focus on over-the-top action. And it worked brilliantly. Now, that their formula has proven successful, Doom Eternal can become the definitive Doom experience.

Play as either a fully loaded DOOM Slayer, or on a team of two player-controlled demons. The Slayer and the demons’ objective may be the same – destroy the other side – but their playstyles are entirely different. Which side will reign victorious?

We have already seen the sweet Meat Hook and Crucible Blade in previous trailers, and today we can witness an aspect of Doom Eternal that was undoubtedly weak in the predecessor. Multiplayer. Bethesda has today unveiled Battlemode which aims to make the multiplayer portion worthwhile. It pits three players against each other in an asymmetrical match between one Doom Slayer and two player-controlled demons. To keep the multiplayer aspect alive and prevent a divide of the player base, all future maps and additional demons will be free updates.

Doom Eternal comes out November 22nd for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.