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07 Mar Stronghold Warlords final Dev Diary
Hatseflatsh 0 615
Along with eight unique warlord archetypes, the upcoming castle sim sequel Stronghold: Warlords from Firefly Studios will feature four fully realised opponents in the form of historical AI Lords. Ranging from 300 BC China through to the 16th century, these figures live up to the game’s title in their unique castle designs, army composition, tactic..
07 Mar Will GTA Online Get Cross Play
Hatseflatsh 0 513
Grand Theft Auto Online has been hugely popular for Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two, but the game is missing one feature that has found its way into a lot of other multiplayer games: cross-play. If you're on Xbox One, you can only play with other Xbox One players, and the same goes for those on PC and PS4. But will GTA Online get cross-p..
25 Sep Among Us 2 cancelled in favour of ongoing work
Hatseflatsh 0 1540
A month after its declaration, a continuation of the abruptly gigantic "multiplayer space riddle" Among Us has been dropped. To the extent retractions go, it's a moderately welcome one: studio Innersloth has selected to continue taking a shot at (and fixing) the first game. In its declaration, Innersloth composes that while the Among Us codebase is..
25 Sep EA reveals Star Wars Squadrons 8 week Operations
Hatseflatsh 0 1341
Electronic Arts has made a big deal about the way that Star Wars: Squadrons will have "zero microtransactions," and that its numerous restorative and customization things will be accessible exclusively through ongoing interaction opens. Today it clarified how that will acutally function with an update itemizing the game's movement frameworks. There..
25 Sep Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand is live and free
Hatseflatsh 0 1423
Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand, the community-made update to Valve's multiplayer zombie shooter that's been adopted as official, is now live, and to celebrate the big moment Valve has made the game free to play for the weekend.The Last Stand features a new campaign based on the original survival map, but this time around you can actually escape to s..
25 Sep Fall Guys are officially 6 feet tall
Hatseflatsh 0 1299
Update: It looks like there are multiple factions within Mediatonic debating over the actual anatomy of a Fall Guy. While senior concept Tudor Morris would have us believe that inside these beans reside horrific bird-human skeletons and useless nipples, principle concept artist Ash Kerins has presented an alternative theory. Kerins suggests that th..
07 Aug Online mobiel gamen met 4G
0 1158
Online mobiel gamen met 4GMobiel gamen wordt steeds populairder met name door de komst van steeds betere mobiele games. Denk aan de populaire schietspellen als PUBG en Call of Duty. Ga je deze games onderweg via een 4G abonnement spelen, dan is het uiteraard belangrijk dat je mobiele internetsnelheid goed genoeg is om geen onderbrekingen of haperin..
05 Jul Destiny 2 Beyond Light What Is New
Hatseflatsh 0 1261
Period of Arrivals is well in progress, yet Bungie has just spread out designs for an additional three years of Destiny 2 extensions, the most unavoidable of which is Destiny 2: Beyond Light. That will be followed in 2021 by The Witch Queen, and afterward Lightfall (name TBC) will show up in 2022. Together, those three developments will follow a st..
29 Jun Between the Stars Review
Hatseflatsh 0 1091
This week I messed with the up and coming PC game, Between the Stars, which was effectively supported through a Kickstarter crusade in October 2018 with the game expected for full discharge at some point in mid 2019. The game is portrayed as "a Non-Linear Space Faring Roguelike ARPG with a substantial spotlight on occasions and player decision". He..
24 Jun Hunting Simulator 2 Preview
Hatseflatsh 0 1265
would never dream of going out to hunt animals in real life, but in the realm of video games, why not? There are plenty of games made for the purpose, too. And coming soon is Neopica’s Hunting Simulator 2. Having spent a fair bit of time with a preview version of the title, I think it’s safe to say that it’s shaping up to make hunting sim fans hap..
17 Jun Disintegration Review
Hatseflatsh 0 1391
The co-maker of Halo returns to the establishment's unique idea and attempts to join a first individual shooter with a technique game. It's regular information among fans, however one of our preferred bits of gaming random data is that Halo began life as a top-down constant procedure game, before developing into a first individual shooter. We think..
16 Jun Desperados III Review
Hatseflatsh 0 1351
Hot off the achievement of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Mimimi are back with Desperados III, a prequel to the arrangement which shows the unassuming roots of John Cooper and his happy posse of fugitives. It's an old fashioned design western vengeance story which is entirely captivating, keeping you as eager and anxious as can be through it..
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